The Supplemental Review Process has been temporarily suspended until further notice. Publishers and vendors are encouraged to complete a questionnaire with the understanding submissions will be vetted sometime in the future.


Supplemental Resources & Instructional Materials Submission & Review Process

To minimize the impact on both district and sales personnel, publishers who are soliciting business for supplementary instructional materials-intervention, tutorials, extended day, etc. must use the following submission process.

  1. Publishers select the appropriate questionnaire that is aligned to content criteria for supplemental materials.
  2. Publishers submit completed questionnaire(s) to the Instructional Resources and Materials Department (IRMD).
  3. The Instructional Resources and Materials Department coordinates submission review with the appropriate content area's program review committee.
  4. Program review committees will perform an initial screening of submissions to determine which publishers will be invited to present their materials.
  5. IRMD will notify publishers of the committee findings for each submission and calendar publisher presentations for submissions passing the initial screening process.
  6. Following  program presentations, IRMD will notify publishers of the outcome of their presentation.
  7. Committee selected programs will be added to the recommended list and communicated to principals and appropriate district staff.
  8. Publishers of committee recommended programs will be invited to display their materials for annual district-wide review.