By The Hague International Model United Nations


I – What Is A Policy Statement?

In preparation for a MUN conference, you should write policy statements. These are documents that briefly and clearly explain the policies of your country/organization with respect to the issues dealt with at the conference. There are two important reasons for drawing up this document:

  • On the one hand, it forces you to focus on the exact points of view of your country/organization;

  • On the other hand, it serves as a reference document for your delegation members and committee members during the conference. Thus, policy statements may provide an excellent tool in the lobbying process; they may also serve as the basis for your opening speech in your committee.

II – What Does A Policy Statement Consist of?

In order to produce a useful policy statement, you ought to carry out thorough research. You should also bear in mind that a policy statement consists of five parts in which you:

  1. Explain and define the issue and its most important terms;

  2. Provide a short summary of recent international action related to the issue;

  3. Refer to key documents that relate to the issue;

  4. State the country’s general position on the issue;

  5. Make suggestions of your own that are in line with your country’s policies to provide a solution to the issue. Make sure your policy statement does not exceed 300 words.

To sum up, the policy statement sets out to answer three basic questions:

  1. What is the background to your country’s point of view on the issue?

  2. What is your country’s current position on the issue?

  3. What does it hope to achieve in relation to the issue?

Additionally, you might add strength to your position by answering the following question:

  • What have other member states that share my country’s view done in this area?

You can carry out most of your research online, but it might also be an excellent idea to contact the embassy of the country you are representing in order to ask politely if they are willing to comment on the accuracy of your policy statement.

III – What To Remember About A Policy Statement?

In a sense, the brevity and clarity of your policy statement shows how well you have prepared for the conference. Make sure that you read out your policy statement to your fellow delegates at several stages of your research. You will be surprised to find how many things that are clear to you as an expert on an issue are hard to understand for those who have not carried out your research. Your fellow-delegates’ questions and comments will lead to a clearer document that will be an excellent starting-point for your lobbying, resolutions and opening speech.