Hi Room 23 Families,          Week of April 14, 2014
Welcome to Week 29!

Can you believe that there are only nine weeks left of the school year? It's true. In order to get further prepared for 4th grade, Room 23 students will be continuing their work with Point of View and start applying what they think, feel, and can prove about a marine creature affected by the Great Garbage Patch. Research skills and presentation options will be featured this week when all third grades start a three day per week rotation with each of the third grade teachers. I will be working on writing skills that lead to a successful final presentation, project, or report on marine life. Mrs. Hogan will be teaching how to use Prezi to create awesome presentations on student tablets. Mr. Lloyd will use his expertise in poetry to guide students through reading a poem closely to extract maximum meaning and understanding. Third graders are excited by this teacher rotation idea and so are teachers.

This week, students will wrap up their final reading group portfolios. This is work that needs to be completed in class by Friday. I will meet with students early in the week to monitor progress and make suggestions for completion. There will be ample time in which to complete the project by the due date.
Next week, students will create recycled green houses to start seeds in. I have collected several roasted chicken containers, lettuce containers, etc to help get this going. If your child would like to have his/her own green house they need to bring it by Friday, please. Your child can also bring in a special packet of seeds if they'd like. I will have some seeds, but they are kind of boring. I suggest California natives or herbs as a cooler choice.
This week, students will also be continuing their nutrition unit. Hopefully, we will be seeing fewer chips for snacks and more fruits and veggies. By the way parents, hot Cheetos and other messy chips are making a mess of text books and the books in our classroom library. Please refrain from sending these types of snacks with your child. Thanks!
It will be another busy and fun week. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks,Mrs. Serafino