Hi Room 23 Families,          Week of April 21, 2014
Welcome to Week 30!

First, apologies for the late weekly update. There have been difficulties with technology in my room and I have been unable to get things working until now. This week students in Room 23 will continue to work on their marine life research. Writing, presentation, and research skills are being emphasized as well as reading expository text to find and take notes on information about creatures impacted by the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Students will practice taking notes from text, video, and audio sources. These notes will lead to their final projects. This is an important and fascinating unit. Ask your child about his or her project and feelings about the Garbage Patch.

Starting next Monday, all third grade students will begin field testing the new Common Core-based SBAC. This test will not be scored. No records will be kept other than how the technology and questions worked. No one will receive any scores so, this summer you will not get scores from the state. Next year, students will take an authentic test and you will receive test scores then.
Today students will attend an assembly presented by Trevor Romain who speaks about the issues surrounding military families and resiliency. This is a popular assembly and will provide ways to develop strategies for dealing with the unique challenges of everyday military life. With Kumeyaay's huge military population, this is a program with real impact. 
In science, we are learning about animals adaptations and plant life. Students are putting together their mini recycled greenhouses and are getting ready to plant seeds. This is much more difficult than it sounds with a high rate of seed failure. Students will be encouraged to find ways to prevent their seedlings from dying and will seek to explain why some seedlings survive while others fail. Your child may bring their greenhouse home if they choose to. If students do bring them home they will need help maintaining their greenhouse and finding proper lighting and warmth for it.
As always, have a wonderful and productive week. - Mrs. Serafino