Hi Room 23 Families,          Week of September 15, 2014
Welcome to Week 3!
This week out main objective is wrapping up our mini-unit on narratives and theme. Students will demonstrate their ability to write a short narrative including dialogue. 
Reading groups have started this week. All work will be done in class. This work will only come home if it is not completed by the end of the day on Friday.
Students start Music with Mrs. Bouman this week. Yay!
Thank you parents for helping your child get their home reading journal entries completed last week. While many looked complete, there were still quite a few that did not receive any points or just a half point for being quite incomplete or repetitive. Please remember that only 1 of each type of activity may be done in any given week. 4 pictures hastily scribbled in pencil will not cut the muster. I am looking for high quality, thoughtful responses. Responses do not have to be long, but care and thought must be evident to receive full credit. 
Have a productive and happy week. - Mrs. Serafino