Ms. Shea

Congratulations Mrs.Shea!  We are so excited to have you serve as our new Vice Principal!

Our Vice-Principal, Ms. Kerry Shea, loves working with the Ericson Community.  Prior to her appointment as Vice Principal, she has had a wealth of experience with San Diego Unified School District.  This includes 6 years of experience supporting students, teachers, and families here at Ericson.  She has held the positions of classroom teacher, English Learner Support Teacher, Peer Coach, Resource Teacher for Program Monitoring, and Early Literacy Support Teacher. Before coming to San Diego, Ms. Shea taught for San Luis Coastal Unified School District in San Luis Obispo.  She has received extensive training in curriculum and development, literacy and language development, as well as Complex Instruction and Quality Teaching for English Learners. She began her teaching career as a sixth grade teacher and went on to eventually teach all grades K-6 at eight different schools throughout California.  Ms. Shea has a passion for working with all stakeholders in order to provide an environment where all children thrive as leaders and where they all achieve academic excellence.     

Growing up with a family of educators, her desire to become an educator herself was fostered early on.   She attended the University of California, Riverside where she received her Bachelor’s degree, and California Polytechnic Luis Obispo where she earned her Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction.  From there, she went on to earn her administrative credential at the University of San Diego.  In addition to her passion for education, Kerry is an avid photographer, reader, and gardener.  But mostly, she enjoys spending time with her family, including her extended family here at Ericson Elementary!