High School

Home of the Tigers

Safety Rules


Academic Expectations

  1. Follow all instructions given by the teacher.

  2. When I'm talking, I expect you to be listening and quiet, and when you're talking, I will be listening and quiet.

  3. Be seated and ready to work before the bell rings.

  4. No food or gum allowed in class.

  5. No iPods/mp3's or Cell Phones.
  6. Turn in all homework and assignments on time.

  7. Be prepared.  Bring paper, pens/pencils, notebooks, books, glasses (if needed)  to class daily.

  8. Have a positive attitude, be polite and courteous, and be respectful to others as well as their belongings.  You may not like everyone in the class, but you are still expected to be respectful of everyone's rights to a peaceful and studious environment.

  9. Do not participate in horseplay or fooling around at any time.

  10. Carry out good housekeeping (i.e.-returning chemicals and supplies to their appropriate locations after use, cleaning up the lab area at the end of the period, & properly disposing of all waste materials).