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Athletics Forms

City Conference


  • Athletic Participation Form 2014-15 includes the concussion form english ONLY  pdf   doc  
  • AB25 mandates that parents and students are informed about signs and symptoms for concussions. Form must be included in athletic packet.  pdf   doc MS Word spanish

  • League Change Request Form pdf  doc MS Word

  • Aquatics Activity Procedure 4178 pdf

  • Aquatics Activity Plan Attachment 1pdf 

  • Student Transportation Form pdf 


  • Ethics in Sports (Coach): doc MS Wordpdf 

  • Ethics in Sports (Athlete-Parent/Guardian/Caregiver): doc MS Wordpdf

  • Ethics in Sports (Official): doc MS Word | pdf

  • CIF Form 510: doc  MS Wordpdf  

  • CIF Form 206 (Valid change of Residence): doc MS Wordpdf
  •  CIF Form 207-209-510 (Application for Residential Application): doc MS Word | pdf  
  • 1-EZ File Declaration Instructions:  pdf  
  • 1-EZ File Declaration: doc  MS Wordpdf
  • Fifth Year Eligibilty Application: doc  MS Wordpdf

  • Fifth Year Eligibilty Request Coversheet: doc  MS Wordpdf  

  • State CIF Parent Handbook I 2009 pdf

  • State CIF Parent Handbook II 2009 pdf  

  • State CIF Admin Handbook 2009 pdf

  • Tournament Sanction Form pdf