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Student Records and Transcripts

The following records are kept for each pupil:

  • Enrollment information including date and place of birth, address/residence information

  • Attendance and health records

  • Cumulative record of test scores, grades, subjects and courses taken, disciplinary notations, if appropriate

  • Records required for special education programs

  • Teacher observations regarding student progress and educational program participation

Parents or guardians may review and discuss these records with school personnel during the regular school day by calling the school office for an appointment. Any concern regarding the accuracy or appropriateness of any records should be discussed with the principal.

Parents or students over 18 years of age may obtain copies of student records. The first 2 copies are provided at no cost. Additional copies can be purchased for a fee of 10 cents per page. The records listed above will be forwarded to any other school in which the child enrolls.