Required Forms for High Schools to Certify Sufficiency of Instructional Materials to Board of Education


To certify sufficiency, these forms must be completed by all  high schools not subject to a Williams visit.
  • Forms in this section are formatted for electronic editing.
Attachment A -Instructional Materials Sufficiency Survey for Grades 9-12 -this survey is to be completed no later than September 12, 2014 by each Principal or designee to identify and compare the total student enrollment of courses offered to the total inventory of associated core instructional materials on site. Completed survey is to be retained on site and does not need to be submitted to the Instructional Materials Office.
Attachment B -Principal Verification Statement-Instructional Materials Sufficiency and UCP Posting for Grades 9-12 -this form is to be completed by each Principal no later than September 19, 2014 to verify they have sufficient core student instructional materials for their students and the Uniform Complaint Procedure is visibly posted in each classroom. This completed, signed, and dated form must be returned to the Instructional Materials Office by faxing to 619-542-5796 or emailing to
Attachment C-Williams Science Lab Equipment Worksheet-A Science Laboratory Equipment Worksheet for each science lab classroom must be completed and retained on site to support the Principal Verification Statement - Instructional Materials Sufficiency for Grades 9-12.  Completed Surveys do not need to be submitted to the Instructional Materials Office, but must be available for auditing purposes if requested.