James Madison

High School


Principal, Mr. Richard Nashnash

Mr. Nash was born in Torrance, California and raised in San Diego. Upon completing four years of honorable service with the U.S. Navy, he attended the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, and graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in Education.  After starting his career as a substitute teacher in Nevada's Clark County School District, Mr. Nash received his teaching credential from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas.

Upon moving to San Diego, Mr. Nash joined the San Diego Unified School District and taught English and history, as well as several elective courses. He received his Masters in Education Administration and his Administrative Credential from National University, San Diego.

Mr. Nash's 12-year commitment to the Madison cluster began with a teaching position at Ray A. Kroc Middle School and continued as vice principal, and now principal of Madison High School. Mr. Nash is also a dedicated member of the Madison Cluster Community of Schools.  

His vision for James Madison High School is to foster a family friendly environment where every student is challenged to meet high expectations, encouraged to find joy in learning, and prepared to make a difference in the world.