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                                                                   Interactive Notebook Guidelines

What is your interactive notebook?
The purpose of your interactive notebook is to enable you to become a responsible, well-organized student, as well as a creative independent thinker and writer.  Much of your class work and homework will be done in this notebook.  It will be used to record ideas, take notes, and complete rough drafts for major writing assignments.  However, many high-level "final" writing projects, essays, or reports, will be turned in as separate assignments.  Notebooks must be brought to class daily.  They are an integral part of our work.

Why do the notebooks have a left side, right side orientation?
Notebooks in this class will have a left side, right side orientation to help you record organize, and process new information.  It should help you better understand "the learning process."  Notebooks will be organized in this way.

Left Side
Right Side
Students Process New Ideas/Thinking
Teacher Initiates New Information
Reorganize new information into creative formats
Express opinions and feelings
Explore new ideas
Cornell Notes
Discussion Notes
Video Notes
Handouts with new information
How will my notebook be graded?
Notebooks will be worth 100 points and will be graded each six week grading period.  All class notes and notebook assignments are included, even for days when you were absent.  You will be graded on quality of work, thoroughness, organization, and visual appeal.  Each entry should be titled with a heading.  (Use the Table of Contents provided by teacher.)  A "B" grade will be earned for a "complete notebook."  An "A" is earned for exceptional work beyond the basic requirements which must included student "Extras."  Notebooks are worth approximately 1/2 of your total grade!  DO NOT LOSE IT!!!!!

Why is my notebook graded on its visual appearance?
We live in a product oriented, competitive world - whether we like it or not!  This is part of that learning process.  Use additional color with colored pencils, appropriate use of highlighters/markers, stickers, computer graphics, etc.  Be creative!  Your artistic touch should be visible throughout the notebook.  It should be neat!  Assignments can always be done on a computer, printed and and included in notebook.  Keep it "protected" by housing it in your Marston black 3-ring binder.

What are "Extras?"
Student initiated "Extras" can include but are not limited to the ideas given on the "Extras" handout.  They require additional self-directed research and thinking.  Individual page numbers are set aside for "Extras" each six weeks.  If you need additional pages, use designated "extra" pages from the preceding grading period.  "EXTRAS" must be incorporate into the notebook for an "A" grade, although they are not specifically assigned to you by the teacher.

What happens if I am absent?
If ou are absent, it is your responsibility to obtain notebook assignments from either another student in your group or from the teacher's master notebook.  Late work is accepted for 1/2 credit until the cutoff for the six week grading period.  Students will be notified of the final cutoff date.

After seventh grade, what should I do with my history notebooks?
Don't through away your history notebooks!!!!!  Keep them.  Store them in a safe place.  California State Testing (CST) given in the eighth grade include seventh grade world history.  Use your seventh grade history notebooks to review.  It will help your scores!!!!

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