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School Discipline Code

Students who do not follow school rules and procedures are subject to disciplinary action by a school official.  This action may take the form of lunch detention, after-school detention, a parent conference, an intervention plan, lunch clean-up, lunch detention, Saturday School, in-school suspension or suspension from regular school attendance.

It’s simple:  RESPECT YOURSELF, RESPECT OTHERS, RESPECT the ENVIRONMENT, and be RESPONSIBILE for your words and actions.

ASSAULT – Any student who is involved in an unprovoked attack or an assault on any student or adult (verbal or physical threat or action) will be suspended from school and will be referred to School Police Services Department, which may conduct an investigation for possible expulsion.  (Penal Code 240.242.E.C. 44014)
BALLOON/FLOWER BOUQUETS – Flower and balloon bouquets or other gift items are not to be delivered or brought to the classrooms.  They will be held in the office until school is dismissed.
CAMERAS/CELL PHONE CAMERAS/VIDEO CAMERAS – Innovation administration and staff strongly encourage students not to bring any valuables to school, including cameras due to the risk of loss or theft.  The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  Students must ask permission of the person before taking any pictures.  These devices are not allowed in the locker rooms or in the bathrooms under any circumstances.
CELL PHONES, PAGERS & OTHER ELECTRONIC SIGNALING DEVICES - Innovation follows the district policy for middle schools in regards to cell phones.  Innovation administration and staff strongly encourage students not to bring any valuables to school, including cell phones due to the risk of loss or theft.  The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  These devices must be kept out of sight and turned off during the school day.  They may be used only before and after school.  Cell phones may be confiscated if used during times not permitted.  Parents will be required to pick up cell phones in the office if they are confiscated.  Repeated unauthorized use of such devices may lead to disciplinary action.
COMPUTER/INTERNET USE – Students must have SDUSD Student Connect Responsibility Contract on file before using any computer at school.  This contract outlines responsibilities, acceptable use, privileges, network etiquette, security and vandalism policies under the Network Use Guidelines.  Students must follow the Network Use Guidelines.  Violations may result in cancellation of computer privileges.
DEFIANCE – Any student who defies any staff member or refuses to follow his/her directions or refuses to give their name will be referred to the appropriate authority for disciplinary action.
DISRUPTION – Any student who deliberately disturbs or hampers classroom instruction or school activities will be immediately referred for disciplinary action.  (Education code 10609, District Procedure 2619)  This includes the possession and/or use of stink bombs, which is a suspendable offense.
DRUGS/ALCOHOL – Possession or use of narcotics, dangerous drugs, or alcohol is a violation of the law.  Students involved with or possessing narcotics or alcohol will be suspended and referred to School Police Services and/or San Diego Police Department. (Education code 48904) 

EXPLOSIVE/FLAMMATORY OBJECTS – Possession or use of any explosive such as firecrackers, poppers, bomb bags, stink bombs, or similar items may result in an immediate suspension from school.  This section applies to the possession/usage of matches and lighters as well.  Be advised that the Municipal Code of San Diego, Section 53.10(b) (2) states that “It is a misdemeanor to possess or explode firecrackers on campus.”  A referral may be made to School Police for violations. 
EXTORTION OR THREATS – Any students involved in obtaining money or other possessions of value through the use of intimidation or violence will be suspended.  An investigation by School Police Services may be required (Extortion: Penal Code 518.  Threats: Penal Code 519)
FIGHTING – Fighting, including play fighting, slap boxing and “body shots”, is strictly forbidden.  Students who fight will be referred to the counselor or vice principal for disciplinary action and suspension.  Self -defense is not an excuse to engage in a fight.  Therefore, both parties who engage in a fight will be given appropriate consequences as determined by the administration.  Conflict resolution will always be the expected method of avoiding a fight at Innovation Middle.  After three fights inflicting injury within one year, the student will be required to attend a Zero Tolerance (ZT) Program.  For details, see the district’s Zero Tolerance Policy.
FOOD AND DRINK IN CLASSROOMS – Food and drink are not allowed during normal classroom hours.  At times, teachers may use their discretion to reward students with treats such as pizza, healthy snacks and other food items (under supervision).
GAMBLING – Gambling in any form is prohibited by state law.  Gambling is defined as wagering or betting money on the outcome of any activity.  Students who are involved in this activity may be suspended.  Students should not have dice, cards or anything that can be considered a gambling device in their possession at school.  These will be taken from students (Administration Code 301.  Education Code 10601-10609).
GUM – Gum is not allowed on campus (not in pockets, backpacks, purses, etc.).  This means NO gum at school.  Perpetual violators will be referred for disciplinary action.
LEAVING CAMPUS WITHOUT PERMISSION – Students may not leave campus without permission.  Leaving campus without a Blue Slip is considered truancy (District Procedure 2380).
MISBEHAVIOR GOING TO AND FROM SCHOOL – Students are subject to disciplinary action for any form of misbehavior in the process of going to and from school.  (District Procedure 2619)

MP3 PLAYERS, ETC. – Innovation Middle School administration and staff strongly encourage students not to bring any valuables to school including electronic devices due to the risk of loss or theft.  The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  MP3 players (e.g. iPods), portable radios and CD players, if brought to school, must be kept out of sight and turned off during the school day.  Devices may be confiscated if used during times not permitted.  Confiscated items may be held for up two weeks and require parent to pick them up.  Students must ask bus drivers for permission to use these devices on the bus.
PERMANENT MARKERS/AEROSOL CANS – Permanent markers and aerosol cans are not permitted on campus.
PROFANITY/PORNOGRAPHY – The use of offensive words or profanity is unacceptable.  Obscene actions, possession of pornographic materials or habitual profanity can lead to suspension.  SLAM BOOKS – Slam books are not allowed on the school campus.  These will be confiscated and may be returned only to the parent.
STUDENT FUNDRAISING – The only fundraising allowed on campus is for school sponsored events and activities.  Students are responsible for their own school fundraising items. No other fundraising, including candy or food sales, is allowed on campus. 
STUDENT TRANSPORTATION – Skateboards or roller-blades are not allowed on campus at any time.  All bikes must be locked in the bike racks.  Students are responsible for securing their bikes with a personal lock.  All bike riders must obey all traffic laws and school bicycle regulations, or face bicycle suspension.  According to state law, helmets must be worn.  Bicycles are not to be ridden on campus.  Students must use the crosswalk at all times.  Bicycles should be walked in from the front of the school.  SKATEBOARDS, ROLLERBLADES AND SCOOTERS (including RAZORS) ARE NOT ALLOWED (San Diego Municipal Code 84.12).
THEFT – Any student involved in the theft or attempted theft of school or personal property will be suspended.  This includes receiving stolen property.  Contacting School Police Services may be required.  Innovation Middle School administration and staff strongly encourage students not to bring any valuables to school due to the risk of loss or theft.  Students are encouraged not to bring large amounts of money to school, or to leave backpacks/purses unattended.  Thefts must be reported immediately to the vice-principal.
TOBACCO – Students involved in the use of tobacco on any part of the school grounds will be suspended.  Possession of tobacco on campus is also grounds for suspension.  Students are not to have any form of tobacco (smokeless tobacco, chew packets, and betel) in their possession at school or during school activities.  This policy also extends to the possession and/or use of matches and lighters (Education Code 48900-20).  Please refer to district policy.

– Public displays of affection (kissing, romantically embracing, etc.) are never allowed on school grounds.  Inappropriate touching of another’s body is forbidden and will be dealt with as a serious matter requiring an investigation for disciplinary intervention.  The rule is “Keep your hands off others at all times.”  Harassment includes actions such as unwelcome sexual advances; requests for sexual favors; or verbal, visual, physical conduct of a sexual nature.  Bullying will not be tolerated.  See district policy of Student Nondiscrimination and Sexual Harassment for more details. 
TOYS – Toys (such as lasers, yo-yos, darts, stuffed animals, handheld electronic games [i.e. PSP, Gameboy], baseball cards, game cards, finger boards, water guns, squirt bottles, squirt guns, pacifiers, marbles, etc.) are not to be brought to school.  They will be taken from students.  Confiscated items may be held up to two weeks and require a parent to pick them up.
VANDALISM – Anyone who maliciously damages or defaces school property, or the property of another person, is required by law to pay for the damages.  This includes defacing school property with permanent marker or felt-tipped pen.  Immediate suspension and possible police contact may be required (Penal code 594).  Permanent pens are not allowed on campus.

WEAPONS – Weapons such as paintball guns, nunchuks, chains, firearms, knives, ninja stars and pellet guns are forbidden by law.  Knives of any size, even scouting knives, Swiss army knives, razor blades and pocketknives are never to be brought to campus for any reason.  San Diego Unified School District has adopted a Zero Tolerance Policy concerning students who possess weapons or are engaged in repeated fights and/or acts of violence.  Any student who has an object considered to be a weapon will be referred to the vice-principal for immediate suspension and investigation by School Police Services Department and/or San Diego Police Department for expulsion (Penal Code 626.10) (Education Code 48910).


Students are advised to never leave purses, backpacks, personal property or objects of value unattended, even for a few seconds.   Innovation Administration and staff strongly encourage
students not to bring anything of value to school.  The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items.  If you must bring money on campus, please keep it safely in your pocket or wallet.  Do not leave money in your backpack!