Whitman Elementary School is made up of a single-story building containing 22 classrooms, a cafeteria/auditorium, 6 portable buildings, an administration building, a school library, a counseling center, a teaching and learning center, and rooms for our psychologist, speech teachers, audiologist, and occupational therapist. Our school has received many upgrades thanks to Proposition MM, including a new library, instructional support space, flooring and carpeting, improved access for the physically disabled, technology and electrical upgrades, and windows. Our school was networked for Internet access in all classrooms, and we received a grant to improve technology instruction for students. Vandalism and graffiti are almost nonexistent. We attribute this to improved community and student pride, improved supervision training, and increased after-school activities.

Improvements are underway with funding from Proposition S.  Improvements completed include installation of Promethean Boards in all third grade through sixth grade classrooms, a Kindergarten/first grade classroom, a Deaf and Hard of Hearing (D/HH) classroom, resource room, Moderate/Severe classroom and Education Specialist support room.  A class set of netbooks was installed in all third grade through sixth grade classrooms, the Deaf and Hard of Hearing classroom, the Moderate/Severe classroom, and the Education Specialist support room.

The school's location is convenient to the 52 freeway  and the I-805 freeway.