Kate Sessions


IB World School

Student Council members are elected each school year. All council members are elected by their constituents except the president who is elected by all students in grades third through fifith. In addition, we have three positions that are appointed by a teacher committee (IB Ambassador and School Newspaper and Yearbook Editor). The positions and their descriptions are listed below:
Grade Level
Job Description
The president oversees the council agendas and meetings.  In addition, the president coordinates all council activities.  The president's subcommittee present the monthly IB Learner Profile and Attitudes to the student body each month.
Vice President
The vice president oversees the communications of all student activities. 
The secretary records all of the minutes and communicates with outside agencies as needed.
The treasurer oversees the Student Council budget.  This officer also coordinates all fundraising activities.
Environmental Officer
The environmental officer is responsible for coordinating a subcommittee that oversees the school environment.  This committee organizes the schoolwide recycling program the schoolwide clean-up program.
Safety Officer
The safety officer is responsible for overseeing the subcommittee.  The subcommittee services our fire and disaster drills.  In addition, this subcommittee is responsible for maintaining disaster backpacks for each classroom.
Yearbook Editor
The yearbook editor oversees a subcommitte that creates special pages for the school yearbook.  Each member takes pictures and participates in creating the entries into the yearbook design.
Newspaper Editor
The newspaper editor oversees a subcommittee that is responsible for a monthly newspaper.  Each committee member writes an article on a topic determined by the editor and the advisor.
IB Ambassador
The Ambassador works with a subcommittee to create an "international minded" school environment.  This subcommitte develops a culture exchange box to share with schools in other parts of the world.  This committee also participates in coordinating our World Concern Day.
Election Procedures
All candidates must fill out an application for the office desired.  Students must obtain permission from his or her parent, classroom teacher and principal.  In addition, the application requires 25 signatures from the student body at large.  Students are required to attend the candidates meeting.  At this meeting all applications are due and election procedures will be distributed.  Candidates must create election posters, prepare a speech and campaign according to the rules of the election procedures. 
Voting Procedures
Classroom teachers show a video of the candidate's speeches.  Immediately following the speeches, students will vote for their Student Council representative.  Third grade students vote for the Environmental Officer, Safety Officer and President.  Fourth grade students vote for Treasurer, Vice President and the President.  Fifth grade students vote for the President and Secretary. 
Appointed Officers are Yearbook Editor, and IB Ambassador.  Students wishing to serve in this capacity must fill out an application and obtain all of the same permissions as above.  These students will need to participate in an interview process with a teacher committee.