Alice Birney


International Studies Magnet

Transdisciplinary Themes

The IB PYP curriculum framework, or Programme of Inquiry, is developed within the six transdisciplinary themes of Who We Are, How We Express Ourselves, Where We Are in Time and Place, How the World Works, How We Organize Ourselves and Sharing the Planet. Based on a "whole child" philosophy, the IBO emphasizes personal development, physical education, the arts and technology as much as traditional academic subjects.
The IBO expects its schools to teach students a second language from the age of 7, provide collaborative planning time for teachers, and include lessons in the arts, movement and health. The philosophy also requires that the IB attitudes become the foundation of a school-wide, integrated character education approach that leads students through their academic career to become examples of the IB learner profile. Individuals who embody the Learner Profile are caring, principled, balanced, reflective, knowledgeable thinkers, inquirers, communicators and risk-takers.
The IB Learner Profile links the programs from pre-K to 12th-grade. At Birney, we use the attitudes and the profile traits as the foundation of our character education and behavior reinforcement program. The Programme of Inquiry is updated yearly as units are taught and teachers reflect on student learning. A copy of this year’s POI will be provided at IB Curriculum Night, along with a detailed grade level scope and sequence.