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World Book Online

Accurate, easy to read articles, graphic and multimedia enhancements, Back in Time, and links to external Web sites selected by World Book. Translate to over 20 languages including Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, and Portuguese


International Newspaper Links

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Global Issues Resources

Taking It Global Issues Resources

Library Books

We have an awesome collection in Spanish! We also have Manga and graphic novels from around the world.

Be caring...check out books for a three week period. Books may be renewed twice.
A .05 cent daily fee is charged for overdue books that helps buy the licorice you get when you check-out a book.

Textbooks in English and Spanish

Textbooks are purchased in the English language. Any students who did not receive their books at their regularly scheduled textbook check-out day can come to the Library to check them out at any time. Students must return all textbooks in good condition before summer break or before leaving PMBS. Ask if your textbook might be available in Spanish. Mandarin textbook is used in the Mandarin Chinese class.
 International Search Engines
(For example, you can search "American Revolution" from the British perspective)

Google Mexico:

Google United Kingdom:

Google Australia:

Google Canada: