Interested in composting salad bar waste for your school garden?

The District's Food Services Department manages all food and associated waste from the school meal program.

If your school garden group is interested in composting salad bar waste from your cafeteria for an instructional garden please follow the steps below:

1. Ask your principal if composting on campus is an approved activity.
2. If approved by the principal, contact the Farm to School Specialist II, Ashley Cassat at or (858) 627-7323.
3. Work with Food Services staff to estimate the amount of food waste that can be expected.
4. Set up a collection time table with cafeteria staff.
5. Set up your collection station.
6. Collect waste on the approved schedule.
Tools you will need before you begin collecting waste:
1. A green container with lid and wheels or bucket with a tight fitting lid that stays in the cafeteria.
2. Proper signage for the green container (showing fruits and veggies only).
3. A designated student and adult to pick up waste at least twice a week.
4. A safe and secure place to compost waste on school site.
5. Water source to rinse out collection container(s) every time it is emptied and prior to returning to the cafeteria.
Additional Resources:
For composting best practices, download the District's Composting at School- Best Practices (pdf)
For more information and resources on composting, check out the District's Composting & Gardening Webpage
The District's current guidelines for creating and maintaining school gardens - School Site Guide for Gardens & Landscape (pdf)
If you're interested in composting or school gardens, you may also be interested in the Garden to Cafe Program or the District's Recycling Program.

Students collecting waste

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