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Mr. Pitts, Intervention Class
Room 167
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All I ask of any student is try their best to be successful
      What does it mean to be trying?        
              What are some things someone who is trying does?
                                                 Are you doing them?
This Week of 6/24/2013 - 6/28/2013:
Algebra Intervention:
This week, we will continue to collaborate in small groups on projects. At present, many students still not passing this class!

There are projects in the recent past that many groups did not turn in. These are worth a lot of points. Students are running out of time to finish these up. 
Project due 6/14 - 6 quadratic formula problems presented on construction paper - with all work shown. Worth 120 points.

 Project due 6/21 - 8 quadratic problems needing to be solved by either factoring or by using the quadratic formula - again with all work shown. Worth 160 points.
Project due 6/26 - Another 8 quadratic problems needing to be solved by factoring or the quadratic formula - also with all work shown. Worth 160 points.
This week's project is due on Friday 6/26!
Extra credit is available, as you all know, for those who are completing their classwork! I will accept extra credit from the Springbreak pack and the pack I handed back to you last week. The pages I will accept from the pack I handed back to you on 6/14 are: 3.16, 9.2, 9.11, 9.12, 130, 8.1, and 8.2
      See Mr. Pitts before and after school for extra help!
Welcome to the Intervention Class Webpage! The Intervention class is designed to help the student better understand math and increase the student's confidence, understanding, completion of work, and success. 

You should be aware of a few things:
1) Expect to work in this class. The only way one will learn a subject, like math, is through doing the work, getting help for the things one doesn't understand, have a good attitude, try, and be persistent.
2) If you are willing and do those things listed in the above sentence, you will be successful in math, your other classes, middle and high school, college, and in life.

3) Students: You know you can see me before school, during lunch, and after school for help. Don't wait until the last minute for help! You also know you should be studying every night for all your classes.
4) Homework is not the same as studying. You should study and do your homework on those nights that you have homework. If you don't have homework, you should still be studying your school subjects - and quizzing yourself on your knowledge of the current subject matter.
5) Studying should be done nightly and for a minimum of 10 minutes per class! This is quality studying or studying smart! You should be paying attention in class taking good Cornell Notes. The Cornell Notes are an excellent tool to use when studying.
6) The most successful method of studying I know of is to quiz your self or have someone else quiz you using your Cornell Notes.
Any questions? Please contact via my contact information provided below. Email is the best to contact me.

Mr. Pitts
619-344-4200X 2167