Facts for Parents

Facts for Parents thumbnail Facts for Parents

Facts for Parents is a yearly publication containing updated information relevant to all San Diego Unified School District families including district policies, parent/guardian/student rights and responsibilities, and information required by state or federal law.

  • Discrimination, Harassment & Bullying Policies
  • Zero Tolerance
  • Health Requirements
  • Parent/Guardian Rights
  • Student Records and Rights
  • Elementary & Secondary Education Act (ESEA)
  • English Learner Program Option
  • At School
  • Attendance
  • Technology
  • Forms
    • Pesticide Use & Notification (optional)
    • Universal Form (required) 
Parents and students are required to sign the Universal form confirming that they have received a copy of Facts for Parents and have reviewed the information and expectations. This completed form must be returned to their school site.
The 2014-15 booklets are expected to ship to school sites by mid August, 2014.  

Booklet (2013-14):

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