Home of the Wildcats

Foster Elementary has a great custodial staff.  Mr. Ken Welch and Mr. Jim Koho help keep our school maintained and looking great!
Mr. Ken can be found working at Foster during the day, with a bright and early start of 6:00 a.m.  Mr. Jim comes in around 2 and helps us close up the school during the evening hours.
Mr. Ken can be seen throughout the day getting items delivered to classrooms and the office, cleaning up the cafeteria after breakfast and lunch, hustling to the classrooms for those little emergencies.   These are just a few things that Mr. Ken has on his daily agenda.
Mr. Jim helps us wrap up the day by sweeping out our classrooms, gathering the waste recepticles, and assisting the various groups that use Foster in the afternoons or evenings (PTA, Girl Scout, Reg. of Voters).  This is just a peak into Mr. Jim's busy evenings
Thank you Mr. Ken and Mr. Jim for a job well done.