A kindergarten through 5th grade school


Welcome to Mrs. Savage’s mrs savage

Second / Third Grade Class


First Day of School


Mrs. Savage


1.   I would like to welcome you and say that it is a pleasure to have your child in my class. I know it will be a wonderful year full of academic progress and I look forward to working with you and your child this year.


2.   Supply List:

·         One two-pocket folder (to bring to school) NO binders

·         Three to five sharpened pencils (to use in the classroom). No mechanical pencils.

·         One small space saver container (to keep in the classroom)

·         One child-friendly dictionary (to use at home)

·         One eraser (to use in class)

·         Wide ruled writing paper to use for spelling homework (to use at home)

·         A pencil sharpener (to use ONLY at HOME)

·         A box of Kleenex to share with the class

·         Snacks to share with the class

·         A large bottle of liquid hand sanitizer to share with the class

·         A backpack

·         Earphones (to use in the classroom with their laptops)

·         Three spiral notebooks (one subject, wide ruled) to use in the classroom


3.     Snacks are a good idea since many children become hungry during the long mornings. I suggest a piece of fruit, crackers, water, or other healthy snacks (low in sugar and salt).  Please do not send junk food or sodas for your student’s snack.  Parents may send in crackers or other snacks to share with the whole class.  Students may have their snacks during recess from 10:00 to 10:15, and lunch from 11:45 to 12:25, except on Thurs (we dismiss at 12:15 on Thursdays). 


  1. Birthday Celebrations: If parents would like to celebrate their student’s birthday in the classroom by providing birthday treats for the whole classroom, we would be more than happy to celebrate with you. Just let me know a few days in advance what date you want to bring treats for the celebration.  Usually we will do our celebrations at the end of the school day.