Gumbayan-Martinez, Nadia

Dear parents,
My name is I. Nadia Gumbayan-Martínez; I am the English Learner Support Teacher (ELST) here at Lewis Middle School. My role here at Lewis is to support English Learners, their parents, and the school. My support includes, but is not limited to: English Learner compliance with the district and state, English language development for English learners, instructional support for teachers, support and inform English Learner parents on second language issues, etc. The purpose of this position is to support all parties involved in the steady English language development and academic progress of the English Learners at the school. In addition, continue to monitor those students that have been Reclassified-Fluent English Proficient (RFEP). Please feel free to email me and/or contact me with any question you may have at any time.
Thank you,
Mrs. Gumbayan
Lewis’ ELST

ELST (English Learner Support Teacher)
Phone: Ext 4217