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Rosa Parks is located in the Mid City/City Heights area of San Diego. We are part of an innovative City Heights Educational Initiative that partners four San Diego Unified schools: Hoover High, Monroe Clark Middle, Wilson Middle and Rosa Parks Elementary with San Diego State University and Price Charities. We operate as "community schools" providing comprehensive health and social services to students and their families. Read more»
Carolanne Buguey, Principal

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  • Public Library Card for Rosa Parks/Hoover Cluster Students

    Students can now get a card by completing the form with just their name, address, parent’s name, and parent’s signature. This card has a limit of two items at a time. Students just need to complete the short application (in English or Spanish)

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  • Twilight in the Park Summer Concerts

    Free concerts at Balboa Park every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday June 16th through August 27th Spreckels Organ Pavilion Concerts from 6:30 – 7:30

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  • Ocean Discovery Institute Celebration & Appreciation

    Join us for an evening of Celebration & Appreciation as we recognize the success of our students and show our gratitude to the supporters who make it all possible! Tuesday, June 2, 2015 from 5:30 - 7:30 pm at Monroe Clark Middle School Auditorium: 4388 Thorn Street, San Diego, CA 92105

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  • City Heights Life May Issue

    Transforming lives in City Heights! Instead of dodging bullets on the street, they’re dodging paintball pellets in a park. Instead of marking their turf with graffiti on public property, they’re cleaning up taggers’ work from swing sets and basketball courts. Instead of focusing on all…

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