Our Staff

We are fortunate to have an extremely dedicated staff that strives for student academic excellence. Our teachers are continually improving their instructional practices to improve student achievement, using a variety of strategies to address different learning styles and differing levels of need among students. All of our teachers are fully credentialed with an average of 20 years of experience.

Staff Directory

Last name First name Email address Position Grade Room
Arballo Elsa earballo@sandi.net Classroom Teacher Kindergarten K6
Baltazar-Gonzales Patricia pbaltazar-gonzale@sandi.net Classroom Teacher Kindergarten K2
Bang H. Bradley bbang@sandi.net Computer Prep Teacher Kindergarten-5th Grade Computer Lab A3
Brown Laura lbrown12@sandi.net Classroom Teacher 5th Grade D7
Campbell London rcox-campbell@sandi.net Classroom Teacher 5th Grade C6
Covey Susan scovey@sandi.net Classroom Teacher Kindergarten K1
Del Rosario Dana dhernandez3@sandi.net Classroom Teacher 3rd Grade D14
Duerfeldt Martha mduerfeldt@sandi.net School General Secretary Main Office
Ellsworth Karen kellsworth@sandi.net Reading Recovery A5
Evans Lisa levans@sandi.net Classroom Teacher 3rd Grade D11
Gecht Dana dgecht@sandi.net Speech Language Pathologist C5
Green Sharon sgreen@sandi.net District Counselor A141
Gurrola Keki kgurrola@sandi.net School Psychologist A7
Harness Aubrey aharness@sandi.net Science Prep Teacher 3rd-5th grade D19
Hughes Suzanne shughes2@sandi.net Classroom Teacher 3rd Grade D20
Ibarra Armando aibarra@sandi.net Classroom Teacher 2nd Grade D5
Ingram Claudia cingram@sandi.net Classroom Teacher 1st Grade B3
Kuspa Katha kkuspa@sandi.net Classroom Teacher 3rd Grade C11
Leuthard Ellen eleuthard@sandi.net Classroom Teacher 2nd/3rd Grade C9
Manis Deborah dmanis@sandi.net ELST Resource Teacher K-5th A140
Manivone Carol cmanivone@sandi.net Classroom Teacher 4th Grade D16
Miano Eleanor emiano@sandi.net Classroom Teacher 2nd Grade C8
Morga Georgina gmorga@sandi.net Classroom Teacher 1st Grade C2
Ortiz Starla sortiz@sandi.net Classroom Teacher 2nd Grade C10
Page Geoff gpage@sandi.net Classroom Teacher 3rd Grade D4
Rodriguez Reyna rrodriguez3@sandi.net Classroom Teacher 2nd Grade C7
Rodriguez-Babick Hilda hrodriguez-babick1@sandi.net Classroom Teacher 4th Grade D17
Saco Susannah ssaco@sandi.net Classroom Teacher 5th Grade D6
Sanchez-Figueroa Maria msanchez-figueroa@sandi.net Classroom Teacher Kindergarten K3
Self Carole cself@sandi.net Classroom Teacher 1st Grade C1
Tarvyd Jo ctarvyd@sandi.net Reading Recovery A4
Urquizo Stacie surquizo@sandi.net Classroom Teacher 1st Grade B3
Vargas Maria mvargas@sandi.net Classroom Teacher Kindergarten K5
Wang-Anderson Carrie cwang@sandi.net Newcomer Teacher D13
Winkless Lisa lwinkless@sandi.net Special Education Teacher K-5th Grade B5
Wolde Angela awolde@sandi.net Classroom Teacher 1st Grade B1
Wren Lance lwren@sandi.net Building Services Supervisor Custodian Room