Welcome to Room 25
Mrs. Kelley 

Kumeyaay Elementary and San Diego Unified are committed to providing students with the necessary tools and materials for learning. All students will have access to classroom supplies. The following is a list of items needed throughout the school year. Please consider donating any of the items to support our students. These items are for the classroom, not the individual student. However, students may bring personal school supplies to school and keep them with their personal belongings.

All donations are voluntary and much appreciated. Supply donations may be delivered to the office or your child's teacher. Thank you for your support of our school!

     *5 Spiral notebooks with plastic covers – approx. 150 pages – one each for: Math, Science, Reading, History, & Writing

 *Glue sticks
     * stylus pen for iPad
     * Individual size stapler
     * Individual binder 3 hole punch

 *Mechanical Pencils – Inexpensive kind

 *Small / Medium Sticky notes

 *Plastic page protectors

 *7" older student scissors

 *Scotch tape in personal dispenser

 *Transparent ruler

 *Individual size stapler

 *Highlighters – 3 colors

 *Colored markers

 *Crayons – 24 or less

 *Colored pencils


 Paper towels

 Disinfecting wipes

 Fine point sharpies

 Copy paper, white and brights

 Card stock white paper

 Staedler hi-polymer erasers